Boys and their toys comes to play at Topman’s Playland, Celesio displays a luxury scooter and Game looks to the stars with its hiring policy.

Playland at Topshop


Big kids were invited to play at Topshop last weekend as its flagship Oxford Circus store was transformed into ‘Playland’.

Customers were greeted by a giant inflatable, while a super-sized arcade claw filled the window display.

Attractions like Ms Pac Man and Penny Pusher made appearances inside the store, while customers could ‘tweet for treats’ and collect sweets from a giant vending machine.

Not forgetting boys and their toys, Topman got in on the fun with its window display taken over by a giant video arcade screen, while its second floor became home to a giant version of the ‘King of the Hammer’ game. The menswear retailer also gave away free Slush Puppies, popcorn and candy floss to customers.

Super scooter

Celesio scooter

Celesio’s sparkly scooter

Spotted! A pimped-up mobility scooter in the lobby of Celesio UK’s head office, just outside Coventry.

Apparently the machine was the idea of the firm’s energetic divisional boss Cormac Tobin and ties into his mantra that healthcare product design doesn’t have to be drab.

He’s also a great admirer of Apple. Tobin as the Steve Jobs of healthcare? Possibly. 

Cosmic cleaner

Vacuuming alien at Game

An otherworldly employee was spotted cleaning at Game.

Retail’s image has taken a battering over their employment practices of late.

Now Game has raised a few eyebrows after a picture began circulating on social media of strange goings on in one of its stores.

The image that caused the stir was of an alien vacuum cleaning. “All these illegal Aliens, coming over here, taking ours jobs, it is getting out of control,” tweeted Jonathan Sothcott in mock outrage.