Holland & Barrett has opened a pilot shop selling protein shakes in the City of London to attract fitness fanatics.

The 1,400 sq ft store, on Leadenhall Market, features a ‘Shake-A-Whey’, a mix-and-go bar for sports enthusiasts to purchase single protein shakes to takeaway, or top up a bottle they carry with them.

The 712-store health food retailer’s shop also features a pick and mix fruit, nuts and seeds stall positioned at the entrance as it targets health conscious commuters from nearby London Bridge station.

The store opens at 7.30am to catch commuters.

Holland and Barrett chief executive Peter Aldis said: “Being healthy means many different things to different people.

“In London particularly we are seeing a hugely diverse range of customers shopping for traditional products like Vitamin C, through to special diets, sports nutrition and healthy food-to-go items.”

He added: “That’s why this new store has been modelled with convenience in mind, to help people maintain their health and wellbeing in the easiest way possible.”