H&M is Europe’s most valuable retail brand, worth €10.36 billion

The Swedish fashion store group beat retailers including Tesco, Marks & Spencer, MediaMarkt and Zara to take top place in a brand value ranking by consultancy Interbrand.

Speaking at the World Retail Congress in Barcelona on Thursday, Interbrand global chief executive Jez Frampton said brands are increasingly important to retail success as industry priorities have shifted from straightforward operational excellence towards “experience management”.

Among the themes that had emerged as the ranking was compiled was the importance of own-brand to value creation. 60 per cent of the top 25 have own-labels, accounting for 30 per cent or more of revenues and three of the top five only sell private-label lines.

He also flagged the power of brand extensions – such as M&S’s financial services or Tesco’s push into non-food – and the fact that international expansion is most successful when a brand is the key business driver.

Frampton said that it was not surprising that a fashion specialist came top, despite the fickleness of fashion. “Brand is very important in clothing – more than in some other sectors,” he observed.

The valuations were arrived at through a combination of financial and brand analysis.

Rank Brand Brand value
1 H&M €10.366 billion
2 Carrefour €6.620 billion
3 Ikea €6.516 billion
4 Tesco €5.617 billion
5 Marks & Spencer €5.100 billion
6 Zara €4.112 billion
7 Aldi €2.675 billion
8 Boots €2.003 billion
9 El Corte Ingles €1.930 billion
10 Auchan €1.860 billion
11 Asda €1.224 billion
12 MediaMarkt €1.094 billion
13 Lidl €910 million
14 Edeka €905 million
15 C&A €882 million
16 Sephora €767 million
17 Body Shop €727 million
18 Argos €726 million
19 Mango €702 million
20 Sainsbury’s €512 million
21 Kaufland €418 million
22 Mercadona €398 million
23 Fnac €379 million
24 Rewe €303 million
25 Carphone Warehouse €282 million