The Walmart-owned grocer, which is in the midst of a proposed merger with big four rival Sainsbury’s, features hundreds of Asda and George products in the 60-second film in a bid to woo shoppers into stores during the crucial golden quarter.

The advert sees Santa launch a flaming Christmas pudding into the air, before dancing skiers, cowboys riding Christmas trees and Santas on motor bikes fly down a snowy mountain to reach the home of a young girl.

It ends with the slogan ‘Bring Christmas Home’, which will be central to Asda’s festive campaign this year.

The supermarket giant’s chief customer officer Andy Murray said: “We really wanted to home in on a universal feeling about Christmas that people could relate to.

“The one thing we all kept coming back to was the sense of excitement that comes from preparing to bring your nearest and dearest together, how crazy and chaotic it can feel, but ultimately how all the effort results in something wonderful when you bring Christmas home.

“Our ad really captures the energy and excitement – as well as showcasing the range of products we have on offer that mean you can get everything you need to bring Christmas home at Asda.”

The advert will air for the first time on ITV at 7.15pm tonight.