Waitrose total sales were up 11% last week, driven by shoppers stocking up on wintry foods for the cold weather.

Tinned soups, hot beverages and long-life milk were up 38%, 29% and 15% respectively.

Freezers were also stocked up with frozen pastries up 38%, roast potatoes up 32% and Yorkshire puddings up 22%.

Last week’s recipe, Delia’s roast rib of beef with Yorkshire pudding saw sales of three-rib beef joints rise by 73% on last year.

Waitrose said it has placed additional orders to ensure its stores are fully stocked with staples for the cold spell.

Many shoppers opted for online grocery deliveries, with WaitroseDeliver sales up 41.5% year on year.

Last week Waitrose launched its Christmas apps for iPhones, iPads and Android phones and claims it was the first retailer to use Quick Response codes in its TV ads, where customers can scan to download the app straight to their device.