South American food is set to boom in 2014 as British shoppers become inspired by the football World Cup in Brazil, according to Waitrose.

The grocer predicted Peruvian specialty ceviche will be among the key niche foods to become popular next year, the Waitrose What We Ate in 2013 report said.

Waitrose executive chef Jonathan Moore said: “In the last decade we looked east to Asia for inspiration. In 2014, however, British foodies will turn their attention westwards, to Peru, Mexico and Brazil – especially as the latter hosts the football World Cup.

“Unfamiliar fruit, vegetables and spices will come to our attention and ceviche will become the new sushi.”

The grocer also forecast sales of some of its key festive lines including a prediction it will sell three million glasses of champagne this Christmas.

Waitrose forecasts it will sell 6.6 million teaspoons of cranberry sauce, one million roast beef dinners, five million slices of smoked salmon and over four million prawns at a rate of two per second.

The grocer also predicted convenience foods would continue to grow in 2014 after sales of its Good to Go range rose 17% in 2013.

Waitrose buying manager Yseult Caroff-Richeux said: “Sales of easy to prepare meals and snacks for on-the-go soared. Shoppers ate ‘al desko’ but fruit was the breakfast snack of choice and sushi and salads knocked the carb-laden sandwich into touch.”