Iceland has ploughed £7m into its new autumn and Christmas advertising campaigns which have a focus on quality to tempt in new shoppers.

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The first of the new TV ads launched last week under the strapline ‘It’s Time We Met’. A 40-second ad shows a woman being wooed by a man serving Iceland foods and a couple meeting outside an Iceland store.

The ad is soundtracked by the Michael Bublé song ‘Haven’t Met You Yet’.

The advert will be supported by five 10- second ads each showcasing a specific Iceland product. The wider campaign features the strapline ‘Love Fresh, Love Frozen’.

Iceland executive director for customers and people Nick Canning said: “The quality of Iceland’s products has long been a well-kept secret and we felt that the time was right to shout a little more loudly about just how good our food really is.

“Our brief for the 2013 campaign was to reassure our existing shoppers about the quality of Iceland’s unique frozen products and to persuade new customers to try us: they may be pleasantly surprised! Michael Bublé’s appeal made him a natural choice for the broader audience we are aiming to reach, and we are delighted with the response to the campaign so far.”

Iceland advert