Chocolatier Thorntons has launched an online sweet shop to tap into customers’ nostalgia for retro sweets.

Thorntons has struck an exclusive deal with supplier Tangerine Confectionary to stock sweets such as Fruit Salads, Sherbet Fountains and Black Jacks. Prices start at 99p through to £25 hamper packs.

Head of Thorntons Direct Hannah Legg said: “We find over the summer months that shoppers don’t buy as much chocolate because of the hot weather so sweets are a good alternative. We also think retro sweets are making a comeback and everyone seems to have a favourite that makes them smile.”

The move should soak up some of the market which was once dominated by Woolworths’ Pick n Mix. WH Smith is also trialling pick n mix in some of its stores to try and tap into the nostalgia that was once felt about Woolworths’ Pick n Mix.

Legg said the trial will be assessed in September and if successful, could be rolled out to Thorntons’ stores.