Tesco is to ramp up the promotional campaign behind its exclusive Faithless album with a £100,000 push to put CDs into 420 of its petrol stations for the first time.

Advertising promoting Faithless featuring a competition to win a Special Edition Faithless Fiat Punto Evo will also run on petrol pump nozzles in 100 of its biggest forecourts.

The move marks the latest step to increase distribution for entertainment. In February, Tesco introduced music to its Express stores with its exclusive Simply Red release Songs of Love.

Tesco Entertainment director Rob Salter said: “Securing the future of the CD market means constantly trying new things and reaching out to new audiences in new ways.

“As of September 1 The Dance will be available in 1200 outlets, more than three times the number of locations operated by the UK’s biggest specialist music retailer.”