Tesco is encouraging its shoppers to make healthier choices this January by backing the first Public Health England Change4Life campaign. 

Change4Life is a new initiative aimed at getting parents to select healthier snacks for their children.  

Launched today, the campaign will run throughout January, appearing in all Tesco stores and online. 

It includes in-store point of sale promotional materials of healthier kids’ snacks, such as Pink Lady apples, cereal bars and pineapple pieces, with Change4Life branding. 

The grocer will also offer lower prices on fresh fruit and vegetables and highlight healthy alternatives. 

Online, Tesco has developed technology in partnership with SpoonGuru to enable customers to quickly locate 130 healthier snacks. 

The move builds of the success of the grocer’s 2017 ‘Little Helps to Healthier Living’ campaign, which it said resulted in an increase in the healthiness of its customers’ baskets.

Tesco UK chief executive Matt Davies said: “We know that our customers want us to help them eat more healthily and it can be particularly difficult to encourage children to eat healthy snacks. 

“By promoting a wide range of snacks, aligned with Public Health England’s campaign, we hope to make it easier for families to make a healthier start to the year. 

“This is part of a wider programme to help our colleagues and customers stay healthy.” 

Last week, the grocer was forced to apologise to customers following a series of complaints about its “rotten” Christmas turkeys.