The Advertising Standards Agency has ruled that Sainsbury’s ‘Feed Your Family for £50’ campaign was misleading.

After an eleven month investigation, the ASA decided that the claim cannot be made as the claim was exaggerated.

The agency ruled that many shoppers would have to purchase further ingredients to those detailed in the meal plans to make the meals.

After consulting the Department of Health, the body also decided that while the meals supply at least 75% of calories required, allowing snacks and drinks to make up the remainder without overconsumption, Sainsbury’s did not include snacks and drinks in the £50 allowance.

Seven complaints were brought against the claim in a TV advert, a flier and a website although none were from the grocer’s main rivals.

The grocer also runs a ‘feed your family for a fiver’ campaign.

The Big Four grocers are engaged in a long-running spat brining regular claims against each others advertising.

Sainsbury’s has now moved to its Live Well For Less strapline and has been told to include any integral store cupboard ingredients in future advertising.