Off licence retailer Oddbins has “profusely” apologised for a tweet suggesting customers may want to celebrate following the death of former prime minister Baroness Margaret Thatcher by buying Champagne.


The tweet, which has since been removed, was sent from Oddbin’s Crouch End store’s account. It said: “If anyone for any reason feels like celebrating anything we have Taittinger available at £10 less than the usual £29. Just saying…”

Thatcher, the daughter of a shopkeeper, died of a stroke aged 87 today (Monday).

An Oddbins spokesman said: “The tweet in question was made by a member of branch staff without the approval or knowledge of the company’s management. The tweet was completely inappropriate and in the worst possible taste.

“We would like to apologise profusely for the offence it has quite rightly caused. The member of staff responsible has been suspended with immediate effect pending a disciplinary hearing.”