Nisa has relaunched its website in a bid to encourage interaction and loyalty from shoppers and boost marketing to customers on a local level.

The non-transactional site has been revamped to include features such as recipe pages, an interactive ‘community’ section, local store offers and more connection with Nisa’s social media presence.

The convenience store retailer said the site will also allow it to target shoppers better with more accurate marketing research tools, including monitoring customers’ social networking activity. The site has also been optimised to function across multiple platforms.

Nisa head of digital Etienna Botha said: “The new website really drives Nisa’s overall strategy of becoming a consumer-focused business. We have worked closely with our partners to create a website which is very impactful in terms of design and provides consumers with the user-friendly functionality they want, and all the information they need about Nisa at a click of a button”.

Nisa operates 2,500 stores across the UK through its symbol group structure. It reported combined turnover of £1.6bn for the year 2013/14.