Marks & Spencer has come under fire after using models deemed too perfect looking for its “real” women advertising campaign.

The advert, which is running under the strapline ‘For every woman you are’, is intended to portray real M&S shoppers from size eight to 16.

But the retailer has been criticised on social media for using women with “no wobbly bits” in the advert for Shapewear control underwear, the Daily Mail reported.

A Twitter user wrote: “It annoys me that there is only one curvy model on the M&S ad and five skinny rakes.”

Another tweeted: “Only one of these is over size 14 and even she has no wobbly bits at all.”

Blogger MissyMiller said: “The whole ‘plus size’ model rigmarole is a bit devious. These women are models.

“They are just bigger models than most of the other ones. But they are still glamazons with great proportions, long legs, toned bodies. They need to know those ‘plus size models’ are not the norm either.”

An M&S spokesman said: “We’re really proud of our campaign, which celebrates women, and our customers have told us they love it too.”

The campaign has not been universally condemned. A number of users backed the campaign and applauded M&S’s use of models that are “not all airbrushed and perfect”.