Majestic Wine has toasted a surge in sales during lockdown and lifted the lid on its growth plans, including new store openings.  

The booze specialist said revenues more than quadrupled during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, as consumers drank more at home while bars, pubs and clubs were closed to the public. 

Majestic served more than 150,000 new customers through its home delivery service while its stores were closed. It has also ramped up its partnership with Deliveroo, offering rapid home deliveries from 137 stores across the UK. 

That performance allowed the retailer to increase its market share during the first half of the year. 

However, Majestic said additional sales during lockdown were offset by additional costs, a drop in business at its stores in Calais and the “significant reduction” in sales through its commercial division.   

Majestic, which was acquired by Fortress last year following its break up from Naked Wines, will open two new stores in Henley and Beckenham before the end of 2020.

The openings form part of its plans to grow sales 10% over the next five years. It will also focus on rolling out new ranges, improving staff training and launching a new website. 

Majestic boss John Colley said: “Getting back to what we do best is the absolute cornerstone of our plan to grow Majestic. Our stores are at the centre of who we are and what we do. The way they adapted to working as delivery hubs meant we were able to come through lockdown in good shape. 

“Who knows what the future will hold, but I feel confident that a new strategy based around stores is the best one for us.

“There is still absolutely a role for bricks and mortar wine retail in this country, particularly when backed up by a first-rate range and the right focus with our hugely experienced and trained store colleagues. When you couple that with a leading online proposition, you have a unique position.”