Morrisons introduced its Nutmeg children’s clothing range into stores this week as it looks to build up its own brand offer.

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The range, which targets children from newborn to 13 years old, first arrived in a handful of stores on Monday and officially launches across 90 stores from tomorrow. The clothes will be sold in 150 shops by the autumn. Nutmeg will also feature in Morrisons-owned baby product retailer Kiddicare’s six stores.

The grocer is also launching a small range of basic adult clothing which is set to be extended later in the year.

The 500-strong Nutmeg range is being sold in 1,000 sq ft shop-in-shops within Morrisons’ supermarket stores. The grocer has identified 3 million of its 11 million shoppers who visit its stores each week but turn to rivals such as Tesco and George at Asda for clothes.

Morrisons chief executive Dalton Philips last week said the grocer and Kiddicare would launch a new own brand baby range, Little Big, into their stores later this year.