Tesco has revealed that a shortage of HGV drivers is adding to food waste.

The food giant has told government ministers that suppliers are wasting almost 50 tonnes of food a week because of the situation, The Grocer reported.

That is a big change from typical levels and the shortage of drivers remains unresolved.

One supermarket source told The Grocer: “The food waste impact of the driver shortfall has significantly impacted our suppliers’ ability to respond to our orders.

“In recent weeks, we have seen a 13% increase in products being wasted or placed in the bin. The government cannot just kick this down the road.”

Foodbank charity FareShare feared that as much as a third of the food that would otherwise reach its warehouses was not getting through, equating to 800,000 meals a week for those in need.

FareShare chief executive Lindsay Boswell said: “It is frustrating that a lack of available HGV drivers is resulting in more perfectly good food going to waste when it could be redistributed to those who need it most.” 

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