Amazon has upped its push into the private label sector with the launch of a new grocery brand.

‘Wickedly Prime’, which is exclusive to Amazon Prime members in the US, includes its own line of snacks such as popcorn, tortilla chips, soft shell almonds and nachos.

Under the strapline ‘some eat to live, we live to eat’, Amazon’s website states: “We are Wickedly Prime, and our passion to experience and share the best flavors on earth has inspired us to create a new line of distinctive food and beverages, available exclusively to Amazon Prime members.”

Amazon launched a range of private label household products in the US two years ago called Amazon Elements.

It has launched other brands since then, but Wickedly is the first since Elements to make its link to the parent company explicit.

In the UK, Amazon unleashed an attack on the grocery market this year with the roll out of its Fresh delivery service.