Aldi and Lidl remain the fastest-growing grocers in the sector in terms of sales but this growth is slowing, according to latest figures.


Kantar Worldpanel revealed today that Aldi’s sales surged 15.1% to £1.36bn year on year in the 12 weeks to April 26. Lidl sales in the same period rose 10.1% to £969m. 

“While such growth is the envy of the industry it is slower than in recent months”

Fraser McKevitt, Kantar

Aldi’s market share of the UK grocery sector is now 5.4%, while Lidl’s is 3.8%.

However, head of retail and consumer insight at Kantar Fraser McKevitt said: “While such growth is the envy of the industry it is slower than in recent months, suggesting the discounter momentum is starting to slow a little.”

The comments echo those of Sainsbury’s finance boss John Rogers, who said the discounters have reached a “saturation” point in their existing store estates.

Overall sales in the grocery sector edged up 0.2% in the three months, a slowdown on the prior year, Kantar reported. The slowdown is being blamed on a record low for grocery price deflation.

Total till roll - Consumer spend
 12 Weeks to 27 April 2014 12 Weeks to 26 April 2015% Change
 £millionsMarket share£millionsMarket shareSales increase/decrease
Total Grocers                 25,343100.0%                 25,392100.0%0.2%
Total Multiples                   24,81797.9%                  24,87298.0%0.2%
Tesco                   7,28928.8%                  7,21528.4%-1.0%
Asda                   4,38517.3%                      4,28716.9%-2.2%
Sainsbury’s                   4,20816.6%                      4,20116.5%-0.2%
Morrisons                   2,79211.0%                      2,76210.9%-1.1%
The Co-op                   1,5376.1%                      1,5216.0%-1.0%
Waitrose                   1,2835.1%                      1,3025.1%1.5%
Aldi                   1,1804.7%                      1,3595.4%15.1%
Lidl                    8803.5%                         9693.8%10.1%
Iceland                    5252.1%                         5252.1%0.0%
Other multiples                    7372.9%                         7312.9%-0.8%
Independents                    5252.1%                        5202.0%-1.0%

Sainsbury’s was the strongest performer among the big four despite a 0.2% fall in sales in the period. The group’s market share now stands at 16.5%.

Tesco’s sales slipped 1%, giving it a market share of 28.4%, while Asda’s sales fell 2.2%, meaning its market share is 16.9%.