The latest market data from analysts TNS Worldpanel and Nielsen gave a contrasting picture of the impact of Tesco’s Clubcard 2 double loyalty points launch in August.

TNS Worldpanel grocery market share data showed that Tesco lagged the market and registered the lowest growth of the big four grocers. Tesco’s sales rose 4.6% while the market increased by 5.2% in the 12 weeks to September 6.

TNS Wordpanel director Ed Garner said: “It is too early yet to assess the impact of Tesco’s Clubcard 2 within this 12-week period and the Tesco share continues under pressure.”

However Nielsen found that Tesco’s sales rose by 5.1% in the 12 weeks to September 5 and by 5.4% in the final four weeks of the period.

Nielsen senior manager, retailer services, Mike Watkins said:”This time last year Tesco launched discount brands and the impact over the last 12 months was to deflate category value growths during a period of high food inflation.

“Nielsen’s initial assessment of Clubcard 2 is that it has helped spend per visit by up to 5% as shoppers maximise spend within Tesco.

“In the last four weeks it has also helped maintain Tesco total till growths above 5% which is ahead of Sainsbury’s for the first time in a year, other than at Christmas.”

According to TNS, Morrisons’ sales advanced 9.3%, Asda’s 7.8% and Sainsbury’s 7% in the 12 weeks. The star performer in the period was John Lewis-owned Waitrose, which recorded an 11.2% rise helped by its acquisition of former Somerfield stores.

Discount grocers’ growth was again below the highs reached last year. Aldi was up by 8%. Between them Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s took 1.1 percentage points of share.

TNS Worldpanel Grocery market share data, August 2009

  12 Weeks to 07 September 2008  12 Weeks to 06 September 2009 change
 000s%   * 000s %   *%
Total Till Roll£27,743,400 £28,376,010 2.3
 Total Grocers£20,198,470100.00%£21,247,210100.00%5.2
   Total Multiples£19,696,31097.50%£20,784,52097.80%5.5
     Total Co-operative  £1,861,2069.20%£1,738,5868.20%-6.6
      Co-operative  £1,102,2545.50%£1,170,4945.50%6.2
     Farm Foods£107,7320.50%£118,1100.60%9.6
     Other Freezer Centres£49,9390.20%£52,1940.20%4.5
     Other Multiples£335,1831.70%£371,9381.80%11
   Total Independents£502,1622.50%£462,6852.20%-7.9
     Total Symbols£178,8750.90%£163,7850.80%-8.4
     Other Independents£323,2871.60%£298,9001.40%-7.5
* = Percentage Share of Total Grocers