Government will this week propose a minimum price for alcohol and a ban on multibuy deals for beer and wine.

Prime Minister David Cameron is thought to back the plan, in order to cut alcohol abuse.

The move is expected to save the Government £15bn over 10 years by tackling the problem of binge drinkers.

It is understood Cameron has overruled those against the move such as former health secretary Andrew Lansley and education secretary Michael Gove, who believe the proposals could be counterproductive.

A consultation is to be launched on Wednesday to set out the framework for introducing a minimum unit price for alcohol, said the Financial Times.

The drinks industry believes the move will hurt the majority of drinkers but will not deter alcoholics.

Trade body The Wine and Spirit Trade Association calculates that nearly three-quarters of drinks would cost more if the Government imposed a minimum price of 50p per unit, which is the planned level in Scotland.

Supermarket prices would jump. For example, an £8.72 bottle of vodka would be repriced to £10.50 under a minimum unit price of 40p, and £13.13 at 50p.