The Government is set to reveal new parking regulations, including scrapping CCTV “spy cars”, as it works to support local shops by making them more accessible.

Secretary of state for the Department of Communities and Local Government Eric Pickles and secretary of state for the Department of Transport Patrick McLoughlin are working together to create new parking regulations to help ease the cost of living and aid local shops.

The initiative will include opening up data on parking so the public can compare the charges and providing more parking spaces.

The Government said more details will be published “in due course”.  

There will also be proposals for consultation on:

  • updating parking enforcement guidance to support local shops
  • tackling wrongly-issued fines
  • stopping “unacceptable” parking fine collection practices
  • reviewing unnecessary yellow lines and the scope for residents’ reviews
  • reviewing the grace period for parking offences
  • clamping down on anti-social driving and encouraging social responsibility
  • spreading best practice on supporting town centres and tackling illegal parking
  • analysis of the impact of different transport policies on town centre vitality

Pickles said: “Excessive parking charges and unfair parking fines push up the cost of living, and undermine local high streets and shopping parades.

“We want to rein over-zealous parking enforcement, so it focuses on supporting high streets and motorists, not raising money. Parking spy cars are just one example of this and a step too far.

“Public confidence is strengthened in CCTV if it is used to tackle crime, not to raise money for council coffers.”

McLoughlin added: “Arbitrary parking rules force shoppers online or to out of town stores, causing lasting damage to local firms and small shops.”

Retailers have called for changes to parking rules to help rescue struggling high streets. High parking charges and lack of parking spaces are key obstacles for consumers who want to shop on the high street.