George at Asda and Reiss enter the frame with specs launches

Fashion retailers have opened their eyes to the business-building opportunity of spectacles, with George at Asda and Reiss poised to launch ranges for the first time.

George launches its range of fashionable glasses at the end of this month.

The specs will be sold in 67 Asda Opticians outlets across the UK, and will be inspired by designs from Armani, Paul Smith and Calvin Klein.

The aim is to develop the George brand and to open a product area where Asda can bring price competitiveness. Prices will range between£68 and£88. 'For the price of a pair of top designer frames, customers can get up to three different looks from the George eyewear collection,' said Asda head of speciality products David Miles.

Meanwhile, Reiss is launching a range, including sunglasses and optical frames, for next spring as part of a brand-boosting initiative. 'Reiss is ready to increase its product offer,' said a spokeswoman.

'We have already expanded our footwear and accessories ranges, and introduced lingerie. Customers want to buy into the Reiss lifestyle.'

Sunglasses will be sold in all Reiss stores, while the optical frames will be distributed through high-end opticians.

The optical market in the UK is understood to be worth£1 billion and growing.

Market leader Specsavers holds 31 per cent of the market, and recently announced ambitious plans to expand across the UK and Europe.