Office supplies retailer Staples will sponsor six Channel 4 TV series aimed at small businesses and home workers and focusing on ‘inspiring success’.

Staples will sponsor the new series Mary Queen of the High Street, as well as well-known business shows such as The Secret Millionaire, Undercover Boss, Four Rooms and entrepreneur Hilary Devey’s new series The Intern.

The sponsorship, negotiated by MediaCom, will launch at 10pm on Thursday, using short adverts known as idents around new programme the Bank of Dave.  

Staples marketing director Una Beck Johnson said: “At Staples, we’re committed to assisting SMEs and start-up companies fulfil their business potential. We’ve chosen this sponsorship as an integrated part of our overall marketing plan to help grow awareness of the breadth of our offer and build on-going brand consideration amongst business minded consumers.”  

Each clip, which feature comedian Darren Strange, will show Staples products taking part in mock job interviews. Viewers will also be directed online where they can find advice from people in the series, as well as content from business owners and directors.

As part of the deal Staples will be able to feature “talent” from the shows as part of a series of events and promotions within Staples’ wider campaign.

Staples new ad