Single price point retailer Poundworld is investing almost £500,000 in staff wellbeing initiatives after it appeared on Channel 4’s Undercover Boss series last week.

The retailer said it took part in the show to “get genuine feedback from employees about working for the company”.

Poundworld said the programme highlighted the fact it had lost sight of its staff’s wellbeing. Issues that were highlighted in the show included employees being unhappy about staff facilities, till discrepancies being taken out of wages and staff being deducted 15 minutes pay for clocking in late.

Poundworld managing director Chris Edwards said: “Our employees are our most important asset but we’ve been expanding so quickly recently, creating more than 1000 new jobs over the last two years, that whilst we have focussed on recruiting people we haven’t always listened to what’s important to them. 

“The show gave us completely honest comments and as a result it has been invaluable. 

“We’ve immediately started acting on the feedback that we received.”

Poundworld will ensure each store has its own break and lunch areas. The retailer said it is planning to increase its investment in the area further. 

It has also amended its clocking in system so staff are always paid for the time they work, and is investing in new technology so employees are “no longer penalised for being late or making genuine mistakes”.

Edwards added: “Although we are renowned for offering fantastic value for money, providing great customer service is also a key priority for us and hopefully making these improvements for our employees will in turn enable them to further enhance the experience for our customers.”

Edwards appeared on the show, which aired on August 9, along with marketing director Martyn Birks.

Poundworld has 2,800 employees across 129 stores. It plans to open a further 120 stores over the next three years.

Yorkshireman Edwards founded Poundworld on a Wakefield market stall 37 years ago.