Toy retailer Hamleys today revealed a baby spa set and an £850 life-size pony will be key gifts this Christmas, as it unveiled the top ten toys this year for the coming festive period.

Animals are a key part of Hamley’s list this year, which includes VIP Pets dolls and Teksta the robotic puppy, which responds to hand gestures and voice and can learn tricks including a backflip.

Robo Fish will also be a key stocking filler. It has already become one of the fastest-selling toys of all time due to its realistic movements which means it swims, dives down to feed and rises to the surface.

Kids are also expected to enjoy Chasin’ Cheeky, where they have to throw rings on to a monkey’s tail while the electronic animal darts around the room.

But for those more traditional toys, Lego will release the Lion Chi Temple in September, where kids can battle for power between the lion and eagle tribes.

The other toys listed includes the Leap Pad’s latest kids smart pad called the Leappad Ultra, retailing at the higher end of the scale at £125.

The new Monster High dolls will also be popular, according to Hamleys with the new Monster High DVD, 13 Wishes, set for release later this year.

Disney has also brought out its latest Monsters Inc products, and its new moving Sulley mask, which is predicted to be a big hit as kids can move its eyebrows and mouth.

And for those kids who like to play doctor, now they can have a special kit to practice on their favourite toys with Doc McStuffins Doctor’s Bag, which includes a thermometer, a syringe and even a stethoscope.

In addition an £850 Clydesdale pony and a limited edition Tutu embellished with Swarovski crystals, costing £250 are part of Hamley’s gifts this year. A mini baby spa set, which include mini slippers are also recommended for baby’s first Christmas.