Car part and cycle specialist Halfords is to celebrate the UK’s diverse groups of cycling fanatics in a new TV ad which shows them competing for supremacy.

The ad, which launches tomorrow, will feature the ‘tribes’ - which include groups Halfords has dubbed “the BMXers, the Housewifes, the Keen Racers, Occasional Riders and Mountain Trail Hipsters” - in a race at Box Hill in Surrey, made famous last summer during the Olympics.

In the advert, the BMXers will be seen flying over grass vergers, the Housewives ride their Pendleton shopping bikes and the Safety First Learners practice their hand signals. In a final twist, the racing cyclists are all left standing by a group of small girls on pretty pink bikes. It ends with the line: ‘Halfords – Get On Your Bike’.

Halfords marketing director David Durie said: “Halfords aims to inspire cyclists of all ages to get on their bikes. So we wanted to demonstrate that you can have fun cycling no matter who you are or why you are doing it. Halfords sells a complete range of Bikes, so we have something for every cyclist.”