Alex Wares, managing director, Mediarun reviews and


Alex Wares, managing director, Mediarun reviews and




The new ecommerce site provides a simple user interface with consistent menu and good use of page real estate. The top banner is being put to good effect, reminding users of the free shipping offer.

The store finder is usefully integrated with Google maps, bringing multichannel marketing a little closer. Now they just need to allow online customers to pick up purchases in stores.

A quick-look function lets users view products in sub categories, providing quick views of products, sizes, colours and images, as well as adding to the basket prior to clicking through to a details page. A reasonable six out of 10.

Users have a clunky experience on H&M’s new website, which doesn’t reflect the brand well.

The link to the online shop is difficult to see immediately and takes you to an html version, which raises questions about use of a flash entry page. There is poor use of the page width - you have to scroll to see products below the fold. Products lack front, back and close-up images, it’s not clear when to choose product size and zoom tools cover the buy now buttons. In addition, 360-degree views, video and social media sharing options are either non-existent or cursory. This is unlikely to convert many visitors. A poor two out of 10.