• The Labour MP has written to the head of the Serious Fraud Office to launch an inquiry into whether Sir Philip Green or Dominic Chappell broke the law
  • Field’s letter comes after his refusal to apologise to Green, who is threatening legal action against him
  • In his letter, Field says there is “extraordinary evidence” to warrant an inquiry by the Serious Fraud Office

The MP Frank Field has demanded that the Serious Fraud Office investigate Sir Philip Green and Dominic Chappell’s roles in BHS’ downfall.

Field, who co-authored the parliamentary report on the demise of BHS which was published on Monday, has contacted the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) to formally launch an inquiry into whether Dominic Chappell or Sir Philip Green broke the law whilst at the helm of the department store retailer.

According to The Guardian, Field has written a letter to SFO director David Green asking the investigatory body to inspect whether money was “moved in such a way as to attempt to mislead people into believing Mr Chappell was a credible buyer for BHS.”

Field’s letter also said that the SFO should conduct an investigation into the collapse of the department store retailer “in the light of extraordinary evidence” given during the parliamentary inquiry on BHS.

Field’s call on the SFO comes after Green demanded an “immediate apology” from him following public accusations he made against the former BHS owner.

Green has also threatened legal action against Dominic Chappell and three other Retail Acquisition directors following the demise of BHS.

The SFO has not confirmed that it will launch an investigation into the collapse of BHS, but a spokesperson for the investigatory body said: “If the director considers there are reasonable grounds to suspect serious or complex fraud which meets his criteria, he will open a criminal investigation.”

Chappell has dismissed Field’s allegations against himself and Green. The former BHS boss told the Guardian: “I’m sure if the SFO had concerns they would be looking into it. I am totally of the belief that everything we did was accurate and correct.”