Food delivery drivers can extend their working hours to ensure stores remain stocked over the long Christmas bank holiday.

Emergency measures extending drivers hours have been renewed, covering the period from today to the end of December 27. Drivers may now work an extra hour daily and postpone their weekly break, following pressure from industry body the BRC.

BRC Food Director, Andrew Opie, said: “Everyone involved – retailers, suppliers, hauliers – have been putting in huge efforts to keep stores open and well-supplied over the last four weeks of bad weather. The absence of shortages is a tribute to their efforts and the resilience of the supply chain.

“This common sense response from the Department for Transport to the BRC’s request on drivers’ hours means it will be that little bit easier for supermarkets and other grocery stores to keep shelves well-stocked throughout the country and throughout the holiday period.

“The disruption caused by the bad weather has often made it harder for people to get to shops but they can be confident of finding plenty on the shelves, when they do get there.”