Directors of fashion retailer SuperGroup, including founder Julian Dunkerton, will not take a pay rise this year

The retailer’s annual report, published yesterday, revealed that Dunkerton’s pay will remain at £400,000 and he will not take part in Supergroup’s long-term incentive plan.

Executive directors were not allocated shares, the report said, because “their significant shareholdings in the company are sufficient to incentivise them and align interests with longer-term group performance”.

Brand and design director James Holder and international supremo Theo Karpathios will both be paid base salaries of £300,000– the same as last.

SuperGroup, which floated last year, has been a stock market darling despite volatility in its share price. At IPO the retailer’s shares were priced at 500p and they are now worth 945.5p, having been close to £18.