Alexon, Carpetright, and Jacques Vert could all feel the heat
Analysts have warned that the fall of crisis-hit department store chain Allders could leave several high-profile retail concessionaries heavily out of pocket. They also suggest that the chain will have a major struggle to find a buyer because of its high levels of debt, thought to be about£155 million.

Seymour Pierce said it would be the duty of Allders' administrators to try and sell the company as a going concern, but added that retailers such as French Connection, Alexon, Carpetright and Jacques Vert could all be badly affected if the company were broken up.

Seymour Pierce analyst Richard Ratner said: 'It is possible that once the company is in administration, it may be purchased as a going concern - thus, the hit to profitability may be a one-off. However, should the group be broken up, the greatest exposure would be for Alexon, with an estimated£35 million to£40 million of sales at Allders out of its total turnover of£430 million. It looks as if both concessionaries and unsecured creditors, given the outstanding level of debt, could end up with a rather large zero.'