Fat Face has halved the time taken to do stock grading and allocation after going live with an upgraded version of Prologic’s CIMS software.

Version 7.7 of the application, which has been created for fashion businesses, has been developed in collaboration with the retailer in order to help it meet some specific needs.

Fat Face required the latest version of the software to help it improve decision-making processes for its merchandising team. The system provides the ability to set up flexible grading structures and then model initial allocation prior to dispatch. In addition, the algorithms the system uses to make replenishment decisions have been enhanced.

Fat Face merchandise manager Simon Shutt said that the retailer’s ability to complete grading, allocation and replenishment processes had been improved significantly.

He said: “The return on investment has begun immediately. We have been able to free up resources for value-adding tasks, improving our stock allocation accuracy and ensuring that the correct lines and levels of stock are in the right places. This will lead us to increased full-price sales, lower markdowns and a higher achieved margin.”

Fat Face recommitted to its use of CIMS at the end of 2007, following an in-depth review of its IT systems, which occurred after its acquisition by Bridgepoint Capital.

A formal tendering and evaluation process was conducted over several months and resulted in the decision being taken to embark on a programme of upgrades and further investment in the CIMS software suite.