The new entertainment cum merchandising company that Sir Philip Green and Simon Cowell are setting up could throw up some interesting opportunities for Arcadia’s brands such as Topshop. But will it be a positive move? Or is it just another celebrity whim?

It could almost be a scene out of a reality television show: our celebrity retailer Sir Philip Green is teaming up with TV’s most acerbic star Simon Cowell to launch a TV production, talent management and merchandising company.

Yet while the duo may have chewed over the idea over several bottles of champagne in one of many of London’s exclusive nightclubs, this is no back of the fag packet venture. Both Green and Cowell may be firm party buddies but neither would part with their cash over a drunken whim.

Green has always been a celebrity in the making but when he signed up supermodel Kate Moss to design a range for his flagship brand Topshop, he hit the big time. And while many critics said the Kate Moss tie-up wouldn’t work and it was just Green buying his way into the A-list circuit, they have clearly been silenced.

If anything, the Kate Moss ranges have got better with time. The launch range sold out just because of who she is but the latest range really hits the spot with its target market and keeps shoppers wanting more.

So what will Green and Cowell come up with? Will Green be the next judge on Britain’s Got Talent? I can’t imagine how Susan Boyle would have coped with Green and Cowell to contend with.

Will Kate Moss be the next judge on The X-Factor? I doubt that. Moss has been canny in that she rarely gives interviews so she can maintain her mysterious beauty. It’s hard to imagine she’d come over very well on the judging panel and any misconstrued comment could cost her when it comes to her modelling contracts.

Rather, Green and possibly Kate Moss, will dress the contestants on shows such as The X-Factor. The contestants will be battling it out in the latest Topshop outfits and perhaps Green’s army of stylists will take Britain’s Got Talent budding stars such as Susan Boyle and transform them from ugly duckling to swan.

The possibilities are endless and Green also knows the link up will mean he can also get a firm foothold in the US, where he has just opened the first Topshop store. Shows such as American Idol have taken off massively and if Green can get the audience thinking they want to dress like the contestants in Topshop clothes, he can start opening more stores all over the country.

The danger though is if the tie-up creates overkill. Viewers and shoppers alike don’t like to be conned, so if they think they’re watching a sponsored TV show they will turn their noses up. There are many reality TV spin offs on the peripheral channels that just don’t work because they’re sponsored heavily or carry product placements. But while Cowell wants Green to invest, it is unlikely he will do anything to ruin the success of his shows.

There’s one thing that will surely happen though – Green will make Cowell start wearing his trousers properly, not half way up his midriff.