The advert celebrates different days of the Christmas period including “work Christmas”, “kids-free Christmas” and “Boxing Day Christmas”.

It features products from across Very’s range including partywear, toys and decorations.

Crucially, the end of the advert calls to attention Very’s credit offer, including buy now, pay later options and installments.

Very chief financial officer Ben Fletcher told Retail Week the decision to include this offer in the advert was inspired by consumers.

“When we did the consumer research for the Christmas ad, it was one of the things customers asked us to include because it’s so important to them as a benefit of shopping with us more broadly,” Fletcher said.

“In terms of the finance business, we offer the widest range of flexible ways to pay in the UK and our customers really value that because, obviously, it gives them a range of different options to manage their household budgets.

“We think that in the golden quarter, with the cost-of-living crisis, the relevance of those flexible ways to pay is higher now than it has been for a long time, and we thought it was therefore appropriate to make sure customers were aware of that.”

Very managing director Robbie Feather added: “Our customers love Christmas and we want to show how planning early means more time to enjoy the festive period. 

“Through celebrating the range of unique – and at times wildly different – celebrations that make up the season, we have aimed to highlight how Very can truly be the one-stop-shop with the choice and range of products, gifts and brands to help people plan ahead.”

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