Retail veteran Davies has launched his brand, FG4, in the UK via nine Beales department stores. FG4, which stands for ‘Fashion by George for women and kids’, was originally launched in 2011 in the Middle East and now sells through 40 stores in Saudi Arabia.

Davies told Retail Week that he believed the range had a viable place on the UK high street.

“If it [the product] is affordable and good and well designed, there are still opportunities I think,” he said. “That’s the reason I’m here now.”

He added that he took a hyper-local approach to trading and that he grouped stores by customer attitude, not by size.

“We do not just give Beales the stock and let them sell it,” he said. “We will analyse every sale at every store every day. Because no two stores are the same. We put different ranges in every store. I have always done that. We don’t allocate, we trade.”