Supply chain issues have impacted Asos in the lead up to the festive season.

The fast fashion etailer has been forced to defer orders from some of its major suppliers as the supply chain crisis hits.

Some suppliers have attributed this to labour shortages in Asos’ warehouses, while others have said there is a lack of capacity.

Asos’ rebuffed this explanation, and claimed that deferrments are due to the global supply chain issues impacting freight.

The retailer works with hundreds of suppliers to source almost 900,000 products, leaving it susceptible to supply issues.

Asos said: “We have a robust, professionally organised global supply-chain operation that is functioning well … a small number of supplier orders have been deferred but this is normal for retailers.”

The news comes as Asos battles a number of other issues including finding a replacement for chief executive Nick Beighton who departed suddenly last month as the business announced a profit warning.