New Balance has launched a new resale platform, Reconsidered, allowing consumers to shop for pre-owned shoes as it looks to focus on the “longevity and circularity of products”.

New Balance screengrab

New Balance has launched a resale platform

The Reconsidered platform allows consumers to view and buy consumer returns and cosmetically imperfect footwear that cannot be sold as new.

Consumers can also trade in their gently worn New Balance shoes via mail or in-store drop-off and receive a voucher redeemable on their next purchase online. 

The launch is part of New Balance’s goals to enhance its sustainability as a brand.

John Stokes, director of sustainability at New Balance, said: “We know the footwear industry has a significant environmental impact, including too many products ending up in a landfill.

“There are many things that have to shift. Launching Reconsidered is one piece of the puzzle with a programme objective to help extend product life for some of our product and get the most from what is already made.”