Matalan has established a user experience lab at its head office in a bid to gain a better understanding of its customer.

The retailer is one of the first value retailers to invest in a lab and plans to increase on-site experimentation and analyse its omnichannel customers to improve their customer journey.

Matalan will bring ‘real-life’ customers into the lab to gather evidence on how they use the Matalan website in an attempt to experiment, shape and improve its online offer. Staff will also be able to attend testing sessions to learn from customers and better understand their needs and motivations.

Ecommerce director Paul Hornby said: “The opening of our UX Lab re-enforces our customer-centric, omnichannel ambitions. We’ve always had the opportunity to interact with our customers in-store, but haven’t had the same opportunity online.

“That has now changed and this step-change in our access to qualitative data from real customers will help us continue to improve the omnichannel customer experience.”

Matalan recorded a rise in full-year profits in June after achieving an 11.7% uplift in full-price sales. The retailer attributed its success to an improved product offer and execution, enhancing its omnichannel operations, engaging customers and optimising operations.