A Marks & Spencer lingerie ad which appeared on the side of a bus has been deemed “socially irresponsible” after 12 members of the public complained about it and another similar ad.

M&S bus ad

The first advert shows a woman in lingerie and stockings kneeling on a bed with her legs apart, her back arched, an arm above her head and the other touching her thigh.

Members of the public believed both images were “overtly sexual and objectified women” and others were concerned about them being viewed by children.

The Advertising Standards Authority said: “We considered that the image was of an overtly sexual nature and was therefore unsuitable for untargeted outdoor display, as it was likely to be seen by children. We concluded that the ad was socially irresponsible.”

The ad must not appear again in untargeted outdoor media, said the ASA.

The second advert, which showed a woman lying on the bed was also advertised on the side of buses, was deemed “mildly sexual in nature” but was “unlikely to be seen as unsuitable” for children.

Marks & Spencer said it “did not believe the ads were offensive, overtly sexual or objectifying”.

The ads were also used in-store and according to M&S’s retail customer service team, Marks & Spencer had not received any customer complaints about them.