Marks & Spencer has admitted it was wrong to charge a £2 surcharge on larger bra sizes, after campaigners hit out earlier this week.

M&S has placed full-page ads in newspapers today stating “We boobed”. The ad reads: “It’s true our fantastic quality larger bras cost more money to make, and we felt it was right to reflect this in the prices we charged. Well, we were wrong, so as of Saturday 9 May, the storm in a D cup is over!”

M&S said it will reduce the price of its bras over a size DD by up to £2 and for two weeks from Saturday, it will also reduce all prices for bras by 25 per cent. The retailer said: “Every woman can now experience the difference a well-made quality bra will make.”

M&S came under fire from The Busts 4 Justice campaign group for applying the £2 surcharge. One campaigner bought one share in the company so she could confront boss Sir Stuart Rose at the company’s AGM.

M&S had said that bigger bras needed more work to develop a greater level of support and therefore the cost was justified.

Big-boobed celebrities such as presenter Ulrika Jonsson has been scathing of the £2 surcharge. She said: “This is nothing short of a tax on bigger breasts.”