Angela Ahrendts Burberry’s chief executive earned £15.6m last year, through a total of pay, bonus, cashing-in shares and a clothes allowance.

According to The Telegraph, this makes Ahrendts one of the best paid chief executives.

Ahrendts’ salary stood at £990,000 and she received a £1.98m bonus.

But her pensions contributions jumped significantly and she also received a £387,000 “cash allowance”, which includes a clothing allowance and money relating to her “relocation” package, such as children’s school fees and some travel, for when she moved to Britain in 2006.

Her total pay packet was up 4% to £3.68m.

In addition, she earned £11.9m after selling shares during the year. Many of these she had been granted free of charge as part of a 2007 incentive plan.

A Burberry spokesperson said: “Under the leadership of chief executive Angela Ahrendts and the senior team, Burberry has generated exceptional returns for shareholders in a period largely characterised by macroeconomic turbulence and uncertainty.”