The ubiquity of celebrity culture and emergence of social media means the basis of tie-ups between stars and fashion firms has changed, legendary designer Tommy Hilfiger told the World Retail Congress.

Hilfiger, whose has had and maintains business relationships with many celebs, said “authenticity” is key as stars increasingly launch their own brands.

He said: “The new way to do celebrity branding is to make sure the celebrity is talented. If you just put a celebrity name on as brand it doesn’t work.”

Hilfiger gave the example of Jennifer Lopez as a star who is recognised for her close involvement in her apparel collection including aspects such as fabric and colour. He said that the “authenticity” of celebrities’ involvement in their eponymous brands “is the difference between it being successful or not”.

“They have to be really involved,” Hilfiger said, and observed that the 24-hour nature of social media and emergence of a global style culture means that a celebrity who is not will quickly be exposed.