Asda has unveiled a glamorous and stylish range for Christmas from its clothing brand George. But the collection also shows how far the value fashion retailer has come in terms of quality.

As the weather has taken a very autumnal twist, it doesn’t seem so difficult to start thinking about Christmas. And walking around Asda’s clothing brand George’s press day yesterday, it seems Christmas will be both glamorous, yet affordable.

Under the steerage of former Marks & Spencer retail director Anthony Thompson, George has gone from strength to strength. He vowed to topple his former employer from the top clothing perch and from looking at its latest range, it is heading in the right direction.

Thompson did not try to hide the fact that George needed to improve quality and range when he came in, and that’s exactly what he has done.

George aims to offer stylish on-trend fashion at affordable prices. And its Christmas range definitely hits the spot. It featured party dresses in hitched, brocade and metallic designs at a snip at just £20. Some had statement sequin pieces, others cashed in on the trend for vintage designs, and there was also a range of accessories to dress any outfit up.

These prices mean shoppers don’t feel guilty about wearing a dress only a couple of times as it didn’t cost the earth.

The range also had a large collection of knits and coats for the winter months. And it is here where you can see Thompson’s stamp clearly. Traditionally value fashion retailers have had great success in the T-shirts, dresses and shirts sector – shoppers have allowed themselves to go for slightly lesser quality items because they can match it with a pair of top-end jeans or because they know they will only wear it a couple of times then throw it away.

But with coats and knitwear, shoppers usually go for quality as these items will last them the duration of the winter. George’s Christmas coats and knitwear – at prices of around £35 – were not only stylish, the materials were top quality. They could easily match the quality of higher priced counterparts at shops such as M&S.

The range will please shoppers wanting a bit of glamour during the festive season despite the recession, and it also caters for customers wanting to buy gifts.

This Christmas won’t be a time for frivolous gifts, and George has made sure its gifts are not only stylish – but useful this year. Gifts are priced between £6 and £25 and include ties, scarves and gloves, and pyjamas.

While it’s easy to say George – and Asda in general – is doing well because of the economic climate as shoppers are looking for value, George is also doing well because of the changes Thompson has implemented.