TalkTalk has opened its first retail outlet, a customer experience centre, in Broadwick Street in Soho, London today.

The seven-storey office block used to be the headquarters of Tiscali, a former rival acquired by the internet service provider a year ago, represents the first step back into the retail business for TalkTalk since it was spun off last month from Carphone Warehouse.

The first floor of the building will showcase TalkTalk’s products, including the company’s own broadband television service, TalkTalk TV, wireless routers and encouraging new customers to sign up to the service. Broadband experts will be on hand to advise customers.

The second floor of the building has the atmosphere of an airport lounge, the Guardian reports. It offers free internet access and even bookable meeting rooms to TalkTalk customers in a special members’ area.

Carphone Warehouse chief executive and TalkTalk chairman Charles Dunstone said: “It’s the first time that TalkTalk customers have been able to meet with us face-to-face and learn more about how we can help their lives online. We’ve got some exciting plans including holding exclusive events for our customers tackling everything from Digital Inclusion to the World Cup.”

The remaining floors within the building are being offered to start-up creative technology business with the first tenants moving in on April 19. This will recreate the feeling of a Silicon valley incubator where small companies feed off each other’s ideas and keep overheads low, the Guardian reports.

The concept of the centre is similar to Apple’s flagship on Regent Street, which is thought to be the most profitable store per square foot in London.