Maplin’s John Cleland made a weighty error in judgement when mistakenly giving his wife a set of bluetooth scales as a romantic gift.

Maplin boss John Cleland’s love of fancy gadgets has landed him in hot water with his other half.

Romantic Cleland saw a fancy new set of bluetooth scales in a Maplin store that allows users to log their weight, calories and view and analyse trends.

So, as any gadget-loving retail boss would, he took one of the devices home for his wife.

However, surprisingly, she wasn’t quite as taken with the wizziness of the gizmo.

Note to Cleland: no woman will ever be overjoyed when presented with a set of scales.

Thank God he didn’t bring Mrs Cleland home an AnySharp Knife and Blade Sharpener that Maplin sells, otherwise there might have been a casualty.