Electricals retailer DSGi is trialling a “follow me home” service for shoppers, enabling them to enjoy new purchases immediately.

The service is being run from the retailer’s megastores in Bristol, Southampton and Thurrock and will be rolled out to an undisclosed number of other locations.

Under the initiative, DSGi staff trail customers home after their shopping trip to drop off - and, if required, set up - items.

A DSGi spokesman said: “We are not aware of anyone else doing this, so we see it as a strong service differentiator.

“Customers are responding to it well, particularly if they are shopping for a distress purchase such as a washing machine. You could anticipate it being popular during major sporting events such as the World Cup, particularly because they don’t just deliver, they can install.”

Customer service is expected to be a pivotal battleground among electricals retailers as US powerhouse Best Buy - which has built its proposition around “customer-centricity” - prepares to open its first big box stores here in the next few weeks.

Last week DSGi said it would increase its number of megastores from eight at present to 70, including another 25 to trade in time for Christmas.

DSGi chief executive John Browett said improvements made under his leadership were bearing fruit but there was more still to do. He said that while a “step change” has been made in standards of service, the retailer is still only at base camp on a climb up Everest. But he maintained: “A lot of people don’t get to base camp, they don’t even try.”