People claiming to be staff at electricals group DSGi’s Currys and PC World chains have mounted ferocious attacks on customers via a Facebook group.

Customers were labelled “retards” and “twats” by members of a Facebook group called DSGi Employees, website has revealed.

There was even a claim that a staff member had used details from a sale to pursue a sexual relationship with a customer by adding her as a friend on MySpace.

Bitterwallet commented: “What makes this even more astonishing is that according to group members, senior management are apparently aware of the Facebook group’s existence and read through the comments on a regular basis; one member of staff claims to have been disciplined for offering poor sales advice through the group to another employee.”

The revelations could be damaging for DSGi, which has set out to improve its reputation for service as part of the renewal and transformation plan being led by chief executive John Browett.

A statement from DSGi said: “We have clear guidelines for staff and will investigate any alleged abuse of customers. Delivering excellent customer service is at the forefront of everything we do, and so we are very disappointed that a small number of our colleagues have made these comments on a social-networking website.

“We will take the necessary action with any staff found to be acting inappropriately.”