Ebooks, blueberries and continental deli meat have been added to the Office for National Statistics’ inflation ‘shopping basket’ for 2013, reflecting the change in shopping trends.

The ONS’ annual adjustments to the basket of goods and services, which is used in compiling the Consumer Prices Index and Retail Prices Index inflation rates, has included ebooks for the first time as their popularity surges.

Continental deli meat has also been added as a result of rising sales and increasing space dedicated to the product by the major grocers.

The ONS said it has pulled in blueberries and hot chocolate to represent berries and hot drinks respectively, rather than due to a significant increase in sales of those particular products.

Removals include a bottle of champagne and the combined computer games with accessories category where sales have fallen across both.

In other changes, soft contact lenses have been replaced by daily disposables and the freeview box has been replaced by a digital television.