Upping share of women's market
Dixons wants to cash in on women's love for all things bright and beautiful by launching female-only shopping nights.

The retailer is hoping to increase its share of women's spend on tactile electrical gadgets such as coloured iPod minis by introducing the Glam Gizmos and Geek Chic nights in regional stores from September.

Handbag-sized 'social' products, such as the latest digital cameras and mobile phones, will be showcased on the nights, which are designed to break the misconception that Dixons caters for men only. 'It's to expose these kinds of products to a female audience - it's not a hard sell,' said Dixons marketing director Bryan Magrath.

The move follows an ICM poll, commissioned by Dixons earlier this month, of women aged 16 to 65, which showed the fairer sex spend an average of£634 a year on gadgets - almost three times the£222 a year spent on beauty products and treatments. More than half of respondents had spent£200 on technology in the past 12 months and one in 20 had spent more than£2,000.

Fashionability is increasingly important when buying. 'Forty per cent of 18- to 24-year-olds thought how the technology would fit with their outfits and 20 per cent of 25- to 36-year-olds did the same,' said Magrath.

Thirty-six per cent of Dixons customers are female.